Way way back in September last year we were invited to the Christmas Briefing for 2017 by the John Lewis team! We look forward to this event every year.. as we are always presented with inspiring ideas & direction for the next festive season. We are given key colours, themes and design briefs to work with & take all these ingredients back to our design studio in Bath to immerse ourselves in the creative process!

Each Christmas the JL team present magical ideas to their loyal Customers,   festive collections themed to the smallest detail.. so that we can all recreate those gorgeous looks in our homes during the festive season, without too much effort!  Dan Cooper or “Mr Christmas” as many call him, is the big glittery bauble at the centre of it all. Dan guides his team of buyers & designers to pull together a number of discrete and different themes , so that we the Customers, can find a look that speaks to us..  Dan & his team are focused on finding new & exciting products each year,  working in partnership with British businesses like us, to inspire & excite JL Customers.

So last September, as our all children were going back to school, I found myself surrounded by the very latest JL themes for Christmas 2017… and yet again they were all delicious! From  ‘Tales of the Maharaja” a gloriously decadent Indian spin on Christmas, to ‘Folklore’  an updated celebration of Christmas from traditional Eastern Europe, to ‘Highland Myths’.. a style inspired by the wilds of the Scottish Highlands!

The Vivid creative team poured over these Christmas  briefs &  during the next few weeks & months, created ideas & concepts for Wrapping Paper & Decorations for Dan & his team.  We work with a small & talented bunch of designers here at Vivid, and for this project Julie & Jude worked with me, each using their own unique  illustration style to great effect.

I then dashed off to India a few times, and with the help of our factory team, turned our concepts into real products for sampling into  JL. We screen printed papers & textiles, embroidered fabrics & went in search of trims & accessories to give  our products the perfect finishing touch!  We have been working with the same dedicated factories in Jaipur for over 10 years and  their care & attention really shows in all that we do.

We hand make all our wrapping papers from recycled cotton & recycled kraft paper & then screen print by hand using water based inks, each item is a mini work of art! We are using the oldest of handicraft techniques to create our products, & designing exclusively for a brand like John Lewis means a lot to us all … everyone involved at Vivid wanting to do the very best that they can.

Shrieks of excitement follow, when we present final samples to Dan & his team in early December & following last minute tweaks, we leave all our goodies with them for final selection. Then it’s a bit like waiting for a baby to arrive! Dan has the daunting task of pulling the entireChristmas Collection together, by individual theme across all categories, Trees, Decs, Wrap Shop, Stockings, Tree Skirts… the list goes on.. and we wait nervously to see if our products have made the final cut & will be part of the 2017 Christmas Shop at John Lewis.

Fast foward to September 2017, needless to say it was good news, all our products were included in Dan’s selection. Our factory worked hard during April, May & June, making all our goodies & in August everything was delivered into the enormous, ‘state of the art’ JL warehouse – that quite frankly is the size of a small town!

More samples follow to the Christmas team for their Catalogue photoshoot, we can’t wait to see how Vivid products look alongside all the other items curated by Dan..





Thurs 21st September at 6pm, Dan launched the Christmas Shop at John Lewis Oxford Street via Live Broadcast on Facebook… During the next  30 minutes he gave a wonderful overview of all the deliciousness that JL have to offer this year,  Dan looking very much at home in front of the camera with his trade mark tailored jacket & oh so stylie shoes!  The Christmas Shop has gone live on the JL website & Vivid Wrap products that have been beautifully photographed, start to sell..

Now we just need to sit back & see what the JL Customers think…. nail biting stuff! During the following week, John Lewis stores across the UK, launched their Christmas Shops & Vivid takes its place alongside all the other brands & products, vying for Customer attention & keen to be purchased & taken home for the festive Season.

At the end of September  we get wonderful news from Scott at JL ( Scott rarely gets a mention & he’s rather lovely ! ), that  Vivid Wrap is featured on the front cover of the JL 2017 Christmas Gift Guide… and not just a few, but 1.3 million Gift Guides will be distributed from October through December!!    I can’t contain my excitement!


But wait.. it’s that time of year again…  gosh this has come around so quickly… yes its time to go to another  Christmas Briefing, to receive our new direction for next year, to get our hands on the style guides, colours  & themes for John Lewis  Christmas 2018!

So whilst we nervously sit back & wait to see the results of our endeavours for Christmas 2017, we are hard at work recreating the magic all over again  for 2018… and so it continues!

Vivid Wrap are proud to be a part of John Lewis this Christmas.. 2017 x