Our colour of the month for July is Mint! First recorded as a colour in 1920 and named after the shade of breath mints.

Mint was popular in 1950’s art deco, usually paired with white or black as an outline to frame and pop the colour! It was also huge in clothing and on classic cars, such as the Volkswagen Beetle. People now add a splash of Mint to their interiors to add a retro feel.

This fresh and icy colour has been strikingly used in our ‘Splish Splash’ range this year. Similar to the shade of the ocean and swimming pools; it’s a summery colour with freshness to it, making you feel tranquil and calm. 

Perfectly paired with Rose, or a pastel pink, makes it easy to create complimentary fashion, interiors, artwork and more.

July Top Tips for Mint:

Throw some fresh Mint into a cocktail – Freshen your Breath with a Peppermint – Go Moroccan with some Mint Tea – Munch on an After Eight Mint – Wear a bright Minty shirt – Swim in the Sea – Play some BadMINTon – Drive a Retro VW Beetle

Show us how you’re using this colour by sending in your own photos… they could even be featured on our blog or Pinterest!