Raspberry is our colour on the month this August! This wonderfully deep pink fruit is the colour of Summer and began to be cultivated in England and France in the 1600’s.  Did you know that Raspberries contain more vitamin C than oranges and there are over 200 varieties!

The first recorded use of this summery, bright and cheerful colour was in England in 1892. Shades of Raspberry include; French Raspberry, Raspberry Rose, Dark Raspberry and Raspberry Glace.

In many cultures, the blood red hue of Raspberry is known as the colour for heroes. power, evoking passion, energy and health! In China Raspberry is known for good fortune, & in India it is known as a colour for happy marriages! Not to be confused with “Blowing a Raspberry “, which takes its name from early Cockney Rhyming slang – Raspberry Tart .. Blowing a F*rt!

August Top Tips for Raspberry:

Enjoy a bowl of fresh sharp Raspberries – Bake a bright pink raspberry cake –Whizz up a Raspberry smoothie – Fill a vase with Raspberry flowers – Listen to Prince’s Raspberry Beret – Fix a Raspberry Pi – Paint your nails Raspberry – Blow a Raspberry!!

Show us how you’re using this colour by sending in your own photos… they could even be featured on our blog or Pinterest!