Our colour of the month this September is Royal Blue…

Blue is the world’s most popular colour! We think this is because it reminds people of the colour of the sky on a clear day… or the colour of a calming deep blue sea. It represents freedom, imagination, inspiration and sensitivity!

Meaning something different in each country, blue is traditionally associated with sadness. The term ‘Feeling Blue’ has more than one origin, one myth is that it is believed that in Greek Mythology the God Zeus would make it rain when he was sad, and create a storm when he was angry… hence he was ‘Feeling Blue’. Another myth is it comes from old deepwater sailing ships. When a ship lost its captain or one of its many officers during voyage, the ship would fly a blue flag and return home with a blue band painted around its hull.

In the Islamic Islands blue is regarded as a magical colour, often bringing misfortune or happiness. In China blue is traditionally associated with torment and in Turkey/Central Asia it is often the colour of mourning.

Blue is very important for the Judaism religion, being the colour of Hanukkah. This is because of the colours of the Israel Flag. It is also associated with the festival of lights and the Bible tells Jews to include a thread of blue in their prayer shawls.

In England blue is known as an honest, hard-working and easy-to-wear colour. Business men traditionally wear blue shirts with their suits to portray the feeling of credibility and professionalism. It also means truth, healing, tranquility, faith, peace, harmony, calm, trust, security and protection. We believe it brings loyalty, purity and power!

September Top Tips for Royal Blue:

Feeling Blue… – Lie back and watch the clear blue sky – Listen to the sound of the deep blue sea crashing against the rocks – Collect blue and white china – Help someone who is feeling blue to laugh – Take time out to listen to some ‘Blues’ – Share the Rock’n’Roll song ‘Blue Monday’ via Bluetooth – Blue (Da Ba Dee) – Study Picasso’s Blue Period – Wake up to the sound of a Bluebird singing – Pull on your favourite blue jeans – Munch on some juicy blueberries – Jive to Elvis’s ‘Blue Suede Shoes’

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