It’s October!! And this month we are treating you with two colours… we just couldn’t decide which one we loved more!

Let’s start with Copper

First recorded as a colour in England in 1594, this beautiful reddish brown colour resembles the metal, Copper. It is metallic yet warm and radiant.

Perfectly paired with shades of green, such as jade and teal… this colour combination is popular within bathroom and kitchen designs, including Copper kitchenware!

Copper piping isn’t only used for the obvious… it is extremely popular within modern industrial décor. Being used to create shelving, sinks, bed frames and much more. It is also often displayed with indoor plants being a glorious and rich pot, which looks great in any room.

The first recorded use of the name Orange was in 1512. Being a blend of red and yellow it is a warm, joyful and enthusiastic colour! The calm yellow mellows down the furious red, creating the perfect flamboyant in-between!

Being the colour of two different seasons… Orange could provide the sensation of heat and a hot summer. Often found in fresh fruit, it is associated with Vitamin C.

Pairing Orange with any colour creates a completely different feeling. For example; Orange and Blue are complimentary colours and feel like summer, sun and fresh water. Orange and Yellow resemble heat and fire. And Orange and Green are associated with adventure and tropical destinations!

Orange can also be a much more festive colour, resembling autumn, harvest and Halloween. It is the colour of autumn leaves and pumpkins – vibrant and organic.

Often used in restaurants, Orange stimulates appetite. It is also the national colour of The Netherlands.

Cloth was traditionally dyed Orange using Saffron. Often worn in places such as India, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Laos for religious reasons.

October Top Tips for Orange & Copper:

Sink your lips into a juicy Orange – Visit the Orange country – Cook in a Copper saucepan – Dress scary for Halloween – Paint an accent wall Copper – Squeeze some fresh Orange juice straight into a glass – Light a bonfire and watch the flames – Make a bookshelf with Copper Pipe – Smell some Orange blossom – Dye your hair Ginger – Read a vintage Penguin book – Hang up your Orange coat with your Copper coat hanger – Visit a Buddhist Temple – Swim with Goldfish – Pop your Copper Kettle on the stove – Eat some Marmalade with Paddington Bear – Paint the Sunset

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