November is here… and our colour of the month (of course) is Festive Green!! Since we’re getting ready for Christmas here at Vivid HQ, we thought it was only fitting…

Green is closely related to the old English verb ‘Growan’, meaning ‘To Grow’. It unites us with it’s tie to nature… it is the most common natural colour and the colour that we see most in everyday life. From trees to the sea, green is everywhere we look! Due to this, Green is now the colour that is most sensitive to the Human Eye.

Currently associated with Environmental issues and being Eco-Friendly… Go Green! * Turn off the lights, avoid single use plastic, sweep – don’t hoover, recycle, buy a bag for life, shop local, walk or catch a bus, unplug that charger, use public transport, reuse!! *

Being the colour of Ireland, it represents the vast green hillsides… as well as being the colour for their patron saint, St. Patrick. In Japan, green is regarded as the colour of eternal life; whereas in China, green jade stones represent virtue and beauty. Portugal see green as the colour of hope because of its link with spring, and Scotland used to wear green as a mark of honour.

Green is one of the key colours of the Christmas season! Used in decorating; this originated from displaying Holly, Ivy and Mistletoe in homes to decorate and brighten up rooms, as well as to be used as a reminder that spring would come, and that winter wouldn’t last forever!

Of course though, the main reason we think of Green for Christmas is because of our gorgeous Christmas Trees! Otherwise known as Evergreen Fir Trees, they were originally hung upside down from the ceiling using chains to represent chandeliers!

This year there is a huge campaign about how real trees are better than fake, plastic ones! Did you know to get rid of fake plastic trees they have to burn them and melt the plastic, which then never fully bio-degrades… whereas a real Christmas tree bio-degrades naturally and quickly! Also, if you don’t want to just waste the tree, why not donate it to your local Zoo or Animal Sanctuary… the animals will be forever grateful as they eat them as a delicious Christmas snack! You aren’t the only one who wants that yummy Christmas dinner this year…

November Top Tips for Festive Green:

The grass is always greener – Top the Tree with a bright shining Star – Go Green, give up plastic – Grow your own Herbs in your lovely Green Garden – Pick your home-grown Vegetables – Mix blue and yellow paint and see what you get – Listen to Tom Jones, The Green Green Grass of Home – Shell some Peas – Visit Ireland – Remember, you have to kiss a few Frogs… – Decorate the Christmas Tree with Colourful Lights and Tinsel – Squeeze a lime into your Mojito – Plant a Tree – Gently fry Asparagus with garlic – Make a wish with a Four Leaf Clover – Drink Peppermint Tea in Morocco – Respect Nature and Recycle!

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