We are thrilled to announce that our Cotton Paper Products have been approved by the Global Recycling Standard and will now proudly carry this International mark of achievement, giving confidence to consumers who are actively seeking environmentally responsible products.

The Global Recycling Standard (GRS) certifies the recycled content of each product, it’s chain of custody and the environmental and social manufacturing conditions.

So, let’s tell you a little bit more about how we make our recycled cotton paper products…

Our recycled cotton papers are handmade using the ‘off cuts’ of cotton from the textile trade. It takes two skilled workers a day to hand make 500 sheets of paper. Using water based dyes we can match to any Pantone shade, enabling us to achieve our Vivid base paper colours. Once made, we hang each sheet out in warm Indian sunshine to dry! 

We filter, treat and re-use all water within the factory, harvesting rainwater for future use.

Mixing water-based inks by hand, we screen print all our surface designs with vibrant colours. Our inks sit on top of the paper instead of bleeding into the paper, which gives our designs texture & creates our signature Vivid colour POP!

We use this recycled cotton paper to make our gift wrapping papers, gift bags & gift boxes within all our seasonal collections and we offer a bespoke design service to our larger Customers.

We are proud to say that all our paper products are made in the same factory in Jaipur, India. Over 10 years of partnership has grown our India team to a skilful workforce of over 1000 people, bringing training, employment & social support to their families.

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