Our colour of the month for December is of course… London Red! This is the shade of red that features most in our Autumn/Winter Collection, adding some style to Christmas!

The primary colour represents fire and blood, energy and strength, war and danger, power and determination! Red is the strongest colour, relating to passion, desire and love, it is a very emotionally intense colour.

In London you see red everywhere you look… from buses to post boxes to fire engines, Red is definitely the colour you think of when you think of London!

Red may be common in London, but it is also very popular in all countries. Having different meaning everywhere you go, red is a vibrant, intense, sexy and festive colour! In India all brides wear red to signify the hope of a fertile marriage, whereas in Madagascar it is worn as burial clothing. Egyptians consider themselves a ‘red race’ so they paint their bodies red to draw attention to this. In Rome, red is worn as a colour of protection, similar to Japan who dress in red to expel demons and illness… it’s their symbol for life. China see red as a revitalising colour of good luck, happiness and is encountered in marriages.

The colour of your life, your blood and your heart. Representing strength and creating life, red is the colour of love, passion and romance. 

A painted red door to your home traditionally means welcome and announces that your house has been paid for.

December top tips for London Red:

Try not to blush – Wear a Poppy with pride – Support the Red Cross – Enjoy a bowl a deep red Cherries – Light a Bonfire – Look after your Heart – Sing ‘Red Red Wine’ on Karaoke – Wear red to a wedding – Pout your Red Lips – Watch a show on the theatres red seats – Caught red handed – Grow your own tomatoes – Listen out for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve – Let a Fox family roam your garden – Binge Red Dwarf – Make a call in a phone box – Enjoy some Strawberries & Cream at Wimbledon – Post a letter – Enjoy the Sunset – Watch the Autumn leaves fall – Lets all live on Mars – Light a Chinese Lantern – STOP at the sign – Befriend a Red Setter, the loyal companion – Pour yourself a glass of Red

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