Our colour of the month this February is of course, Valentine’s Red!

The colour of love, passion, desire and emotion. The Greeks and Hebrews considered red to be a symbol of love, they helped bring the colour from danger to desire. It represents both Cupid and the Devil, being both power and courage.

But do you really know the history behind Valentine’s Day?

The history of St Valentine is unclear but as the myth states, St Valentine was a Roman Catholic Priest who was executed on February 14th after marrying couples in secret. The marriage of young people at this time was prohibited as they believed married men would not make effective soldiers due to the worries of their wives and families. However, the Christian Church believed marriage was sacred, so St Valentine used to marry the couples in secret, before getting caught, imprisoned and tortured. 

While in prison, St Valentine cured Asterius’ daughter of blindness by praying nightly with her. Asterius was so inspired he converted to the Christian faith. Legend states that when St Valentine was executed, the last words he ever wrote were to Asterius’ daughter and simply signed, “from your Valentine”.

February top tips for Valentine’s Red:

Look after your heart – Box and wrap a gift in red – Add some chilli for extra spice! – Gift your loved one on Valentine’s Day – Heart Chocolates taste the best – Pour yourself a large glass of red – Make their day – Your Galantine deserves the best present you can find – Pick a bunch of Red Roses

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