Our colour of the month for March is Pretty in Pink! 

Pink, made up from red and white, is a colour that softens anything it touches. The light and delicate colour represents love, romance, softness, friendship and compassion. 

This blush of colour is used all over the world in fashion, interiors and building. It started as the colour for boys in the 1700’s showing masculinity, before changing to the colour for little girls in 1940… although, thankfully colours are no longer related to gender!

In the 1960’s pink was marked as a colour of luxury by people like Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy, before being made an ‘edgy’ colour in the 80’s by Punk bands such as The Clash.

Pink is widely used in Asian cultures, especially in Japan because of the Cherry Blossom. In India, Jaipur is known as the Pink City because of their forts and palaces. Much like Marrakesh in Morocco, known as the Rose City because of all the salmon-pink buildings and red clay.

Nowadays, a pink ribbon is widely known to raise awareness of breast cancer… the power of colour is quite something.

March top tips for Pretty in Pink:

Tickled Pink – Listen to Pink Floyd – Keep an eye out for the Pink Panther – Pick a bunch of Pink Flowers – Sip on some fresh and fizzy Pink Lemonade – Go to Japan in Cherry Blossom season – Paint your lips bright Pink – Help bring colour to the world – Befriend a Pig – Ice a wedding cake – Dive into a delicious Grapefruit