To celebrate all things summer, our colour of the month for July is Peach/Orange! 

The pale colour of a peach is now a very popular pastel colour! Used widely in interior design, this colour was used in 1920/30’s art deco. Often peach coloured mirrors were installed in luxury homes, nightclubs and hotels to show class and luxury. Now coming back into fashion, peach is used widely in modern art & illustration, fashion and interior!

In Chinese culture, the colour peach represents immortality! Peaches symbolize immortality, of the wish for a long and healthy life, are also a common symbol in Chinese art. 

Orange, named after the appearance of the ripe fruit, is a warm and joyful colour! Depending what colour it is paired with can determine the feel of Orange! Pair with greens and black to create a Halloween, winter feel. Pair with blue for a refreshing summer feel, or yellow for a hot, fiery feel.

The colour orange if often found in fresh fruit and is associated with Vitamin C. The healthy and enthusiastic colour is perfect for your summer parties!

July Top Tips for Peach & Orange:

Slice up a juicy peach – Add some colour to your garden with Orange Roses – Add a peach mirror to your room for some extra class – Squeeze some fresh orange juice – Light a bonfire and watch the flames grow – Blend up a Papaya for a fresh orange smoothie

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