September Colour of the Month… GOLD & GUNMETAL!

We are very excited to be celebrating the colour that is featured in most of our designs… Gold!! 

This shiny metallic colour was originally named after the precious metal, Gold. It was first recorded as a colour in England in 1300, then in 1423 blonde hair was referred to as Gold! It is the colour of luxury and success, and is closely associated with Royalty, wealth and money.

The best thing about gold is it can be paired with almost any colour to create its own style! It can be childlike when paired with coral, peach or baby blue, or pair it with dark greens and dark reds for a more Christmassy feel! Like most orange/yellow hues, Gold works well with colours found in nature like greens and blues. Or pair it with black for a luxurious 1920’s look or add some pink for a rose gold look.

Gunmetal is a colour we love to use here at Vivid! It looks fabulous with gold and has the feel of Christmas! This dark grey/blueish/purplish colour is metallic and often associated with chains, buckles, guns and other metal objects.

The colour may sound aggressive, but this dark grey is rich and conveys a sense of authority or seriousness. 

Pair Gunmetal with bright colours such as yellow or orange to create a bright feature wall in your home! Or pair it with golds and coppers to create a classy, luxurious look!

September Top Tips for Gold & Gunmetal:

Be the sparkle at a party in your Gold glitter dress – Tile your bathroom in a dark Gunmetal for a luxurious look – Decorate your Christmas tree with traditional Gold & Red – Throw a Roaring 20’s party with a Gold & Black theme – Put on your favourite Gold necklace, it’s always the right occasion – Dye your hair Gunmetal Grey

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