Hello Autumn 🍁 And welcome October… we’ve missed you! 💜

This month we will be celebrating all things PURPLE!! (and Halloween… don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten!) This bright, happy colour, made from red and blue, represents magic, mystery and spirituality. 

Purple is most commonly associated with Royalty, emperors or the privileged. The earliest purple dyes date back to 1900 B.C, where it took 12,000 Shellfish to extract just 1.5 grams of pure dye. This means the dye was rare and very limited, making it extremely expensive. 

In nature, Purple used to be very rare… in fact, your ancestors probably never saw the colour in nature! Whereas now it is much more common to see a purple flower, fruit & veg, or even birds & fish! 

Every shade of Purple has a different feel. Lighter shades tend to be associated with floral, romantic and light-hearted, whereas darker shades are more intellectual, dignified and often the colour of mourning. Younger people tend to view purple as a happy colour, with memories from childhood.

Purple is the hardest colour for the human eye to discriminate. It is also the most powerful wavelength of the rainbow! This could be why it is often associated with supernatural energy.

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October Top Tips for Purple:

Squeeze the juice from a Grape to make Wine – Dance with Barney the Dinosaur – Drizzle some honey onto a delicious Fig – Dress like a Queen in a purple gown – Plant some Violet’s in your garden – Let’s cook some Parmigiana with fresh Aubergines – Add a purple theme to your Christmas Decorations

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