December is here and we are very excited about this #ColourOfTheMonth… TEAL! 

With the introduction of our brand new Leopard Collection, came the brand new colour palette that is teal! This blue-green colour was named after the small freshwater bird, The Common Teal. This member of the duck family has a bright teal stripe on its head which surrounds its eyes!

The first recorded use of Teal as a colour was in England in 1917. This calming and revitalizing colour is typically made by mixing blue into a green base. This colour can be deepened by adding a splash of black or grey. Teal is often paired with its complimentary colour, Maroon.

In America in the 90’s, Teal became a fad with many sports teams adopting the colour for their uniforms! To this day, many of them still carry this colour which is known to represent rejuvenating, open communication and clarity of thought. 

To Tibetan Monks, teal is a symbolic of the infinity of the sea and sky. To Egyptians it is the colour of truth and faith!

December Top Tips for Teal:

Cozy up a corner with dark teal walls – Cheer for your favourite teal-wearing sports team! – Watch the Common Teal splash about in the water – Add a touch of luxury to your bathroom with teal tiles – Try and spy teal in a peacocks feather

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