Introducing our new Indian Summer collection! 

This collection is all about creating time for mindfulness and reflection. Inspired by the traditional block prints of Northern India, this collection features coordinated prints in soft blues and greens, printed onto recycled cotton papers, soft canvas totes and stationery. Creating a fresh, delicate and elegant mix and match style.

Block printed fabrics are dated back to the Indus Valley civilization, around 3500 to 1300 BC. In the early 12thcentury, several cities on southern, western and eastern coasts of India became trade centers for high quality printed cotton clothes. The wooden blocks were originally used for royal costumes, floor coverings, bed sheets and decoration wall hangings!

Wooden block printing and dyeing of cottons quickly became very common in various parts of India. The printed process varies slightly, but it is generally the same across the whole of India. Wooden blocks are cut, with handles, and the design is carved into them. Once carved, they are soaked in oil for 10-15 days to soften the wood. Once soft, they dip into colour, lift and print onto fabric. They finish by hanging the fabric in the warm Indian sun to dry.

We have created a collection with six coordinating designs. Printed onto recycled cotton wrapping papers, gift bags and tags, party bags, gift boxes, notepads, hanging planners, canvas totes, canvas pouches and canvas storage pots! 

Now we are just wishing for a sunny Indian Summer 💚

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