July Colour of the Month… PEACH & ORANGE!

To celebrate all things summer, our colour of the month for July is Peach/Orange! 

The pale colour of a peach is now a very popular pastel colour! Used widely in interior design, this colour was used in 1920/30’s art deco. Often peach coloured mirrors were installed in luxury homes, nightclubs and hotels to show class and luxury. Now coming back into fashion, peach is used widely in modern art & illustration, fashion and interior!

In Chinese culture, the colour peach represents immortality! Peaches symbolize immortality, of the wish for a long and healthy life, are also a common symbol in Chinese art. 

Orange, named after the appearance of the ripe fruit, is a warm and joyful colour! Depending what colour it is paired with can determine the feel of Orange! Pair with greens and black to create a Halloween, winter feel. Pair with blue for a refreshing summer feel, or yellow for a hot, fiery feel.

The colour orange if often found in fresh fruit and is associated with Vitamin C. The healthy and enthusiastic colour is perfect for your summer parties!

July Top Tips for Peach & Orange:

Slice up a juicy peach – Add some colour to your garden with Orange Roses – Add a peach mirror to your room for some extra class – Squeeze some fresh orange juice – Light a bonfire and watch the flames grow – Blend up a Papaya for a fresh orange smoothie

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June Colour of the Month… RAINBOW!

Our colour of the month for June is celebrating all things Pride… so it’s only fitting to celebrate RAINBOW! June is recognised worldwide as the LGBTQ+ Pride Month, in honor of the Stonewall Riots in New York 1969.

In 1978, Gilbert Baker designed the first rainbow flag in honor of Pride. He was urged by Harvey Milk, one of the first openly gar elected officials in the US, to create a symbol of pride for the gay community. This is where he came up with the rainbow flag… he saw rainbows as a natural flag from the sky!

He designed a flag with eight colours, all having different meanings:

Hot Pink – Sex, Red – Life, Orange – Healing, Yellow – Sunlight, Green – Nature, Turquoise – Art, Indigo – Harmony & Violet – Spirit

However, because of production issues the Pink and Turquoise were removed, and the indigo was replaced with basic Blue (representing Serenity)… this resulted in the contemporary six colour flag that we know today. 

It wasn’t until 1994 that the flag was truly estabilised as the symbol for LGBTQ+ Pride when Baker made the first mile-long flag for the 25thanniversary of the Stonewall Riots, now a tradition when celebrating Pride at the annual Parades across the world!

During the current global pandemic, the rainbow has taken a new meaning! People are using it for spreading hope, positivity and appreciation for our NHS. Hundreds of people have been creating their own rainbows to put in their windows to spread the word! 

Fun Facts about Rainbows:

Did you know… rainbows actually contain more then 1 million colours!! But because of our Human eyes… we can’t see all the in-between hues.

Did you know… rainbows are actually round, not semi circle? Because we are seeing them from the ground, they appear to be the famous arch shape… but if you are high enough to view the whole rainbow (on a plane or on top of some mountains), you’d know that they actually make up a whole circle!

Did you know… rainbows don’t only appear in the day! They can appear at night and are called Moonbows (or lunar rainbows). Created when light reflected by the moon hits water droplets in the air (rather than light from the sun)! For a Moonbow to be created, it required a full (or almost full) moon.

Did you know… when you see a double rainbow, the colours on the top rainbow are reversed? The light is reflected twice inside one water droplet, creating another rainbow mirrored above the first! 

Did you know… there isn’t really a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow being guarded by leprechauns… unfortunately, it’s just a myth!

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May Colour of the Month… LEAFY GREEN!

To celebrate Spring, our Colour of the Month for May is… Leafy Green!

A colour of compassion, harmony, healing and nature, Leafy Green is pleasing to the eye and can increase a person’s sense of restfulness.

Leafy Green, which is also the term for Vegetables, is a healthy colour associated with nature. Being the most common colour in the world, we see green every day! Plants, fruit, vegetables, herbs, tea… green hues are tied to health, growth, freshness, money and safety!

House plants are very on trend at the moment… and not just for their look! People have them in their house to help bring the outdoors, in. They boost people’s mood, productivity, concentration and creativity. They also help to reduce stress, fatigue, sore throats and colds, as well as giving privacy and reducing noise levels… making them great for the office! They clean indoor air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity and producing oxygen.

Different shades of greens have different meanings. For example, Dark Green is associated with ambition, greed and jealousy. Yellow Green can indicate sickness, cowardness, discord and jealousy. Aqua is associated with emotional healing and protection… and Olive Green is the traditional colour of peace. 

Green is seen as a lucky colour, especially in Ireland. But superstition has it that if you are sewing with green the night before a fashion show it will bring you bad luck! Spiritually, it effects our ability to express unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion. Green also represents abundance, renewal, growth and nature. 

The harmonising, balancing and calming colour give healing energy to the heart.

May Top Tips for Leafy Green:

Add some Green to your house with a Monstera – Smell the freshly cut grass – Slice a Kiwi – Make sure you eat your Leafy Greens – Cut up a Watermelon – Pick some fresh mint for your Mojito – Climb a Tree – Go on an Adventure in the Woods – Squeeze Lime for your Margarita – Do the Irish Jig – Go Green… Recycle!

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April Colour of the Month… SUNSHINE YELLOW!

Our Colour Of The Month this April is… Sunshine Yellow!

Bringing Spring to LoveVivid, Yellow is one of our favourite happy colours! The colour of warm Sunshine, Daffodils and Zesty Lemons, we think Yellow brings energy to any situation.

Yellow is a primary colour and is widely used in the art world. Dating back to the prehistoric times, yellow is featured in cave paintings, ancient Egypt and ancient Rome art! It may not always be the main colour, but it is featured by many artists! For example, Picasso used yellow as his contract colour in his ‘Blue Period’. Van Gogh used yellow in most of his paintings such as, ‘Sunflowers’, ‘The Yellow House’, ‘Irises’ and ‘The Starry Night’, just to name a few.

The human eye processes Yellow before any other colour. This is why it is often used for cautions signs, traffic lights, taxi’s and emergency vehicles as it literally catches people’s eye!

This stand out colour has different meanings in different countries… while being widely associated with Happiness, Warmth and Summer; Japan see this colour as courage! Whereas Mexico relate bright yellows to the colour of death.

Like most colours, singers love the colour Yellow! This is definitely proven in some of the most famous songs such as ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ by Joni Mitchell, ‘Yellow’ by Coldplay, ‘Yellow Submarine’ by The Beatles, ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ by Elton John, and many more!

April top tips for Sunshine Yellow:

Buzz with the Bees – Whizz up a Banana Smoothie – Serve your eggs Sunny-side up! – Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini – Click your heels on the Yellow Brick Road – Dance along to La La Land in your Yellow Dress – Hold a Buttercup under your chin – When life gives you Lemons… – Shine Bright like the Sun – Swim with the Yellow Submarines

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March Colour of the Month… PRETTY IN PINK!

Our colour of the month for March is Pretty in Pink! 

Pink, made up from red and white, is a colour that softens anything it touches. The light and delicate colour represents love, romance, softness, friendship and compassion. 

This blush of colour is used all over the world in fashion, interiors and building. It started as the colour for boys in the 1700’s showing masculinity, before changing to the colour for little girls in 1940… although, thankfully colours are no longer related to gender!

In the 1960’s pink was marked as a colour of luxury by people like Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy, before being made an ‘edgy’ colour in the 80’s by Punk bands such as The Clash.

Pink is widely used in Asian cultures, especially in Japan because of the Cherry Blossom. In India, Jaipur is known as the Pink City because of their forts and palaces. Much like Marrakesh in Morocco, known as the Rose City because of all the salmon-pink buildings and red clay.

Nowadays, a pink ribbon is widely known to raise awareness of breast cancer… the power of colour is quite something.

March top tips for Pretty in Pink:

Tickled Pink – Listen to Pink Floyd – Keep an eye out for the Pink Panther – Pick a bunch of Pink Flowers – Sip on some fresh and fizzy Pink Lemonade – Go to Japan in Cherry Blossom season – Paint your lips bright Pink – Help bring colour to the world – Befriend a Pig – Ice a wedding cake – Dive into a delicious Grapefruit 

February Colour of the Month… VALENTINE’S RED!

Our colour of the month this February is of course, Valentine’s Red!

The colour of love, passion, desire and emotion. The Greeks and Hebrews considered red to be a symbol of love, they helped bring the colour from danger to desire. It represents both Cupid and the Devil, being both power and courage.

But do you really know the history behind Valentine’s Day?

The history of St Valentine is unclear but as the myth states, St Valentine was a Roman Catholic Priest who was executed on February 14th after marrying couples in secret. The marriage of young people at this time was prohibited as they believed married men would not make effective soldiers due to the worries of their wives and families. However, the Christian Church believed marriage was sacred, so St Valentine used to marry the couples in secret, before getting caught, imprisoned and tortured. 

While in prison, St Valentine cured Asterius’ daughter of blindness by praying nightly with her. Asterius was so inspired he converted to the Christian faith. Legend states that when St Valentine was executed, the last words he ever wrote were to Asterius’ daughter and simply signed, “from your Valentine”.

February top tips for Valentine’s Red:

Look after your heart – Box and wrap a gift in red – Add some chilli for extra spice! – Gift your loved one on Valentine’s Day – Heart Chocolates taste the best – Pour yourself a large glass of red – Make their day – Your Galantine deserves the best present you can find – Pick a bunch of Red Roses

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January Colour of the Month… GOTTA CRUSH!

Happy New Year!!

We thought we’d start 2020 off in style by doing our colour of the month a bit differently…

This month we are celebrating all things Crush!

Made with our Handmade Cotton Recycled Paper, our Crushed foils are a best seller! The design comes in a wide variety of colours, making it perfect for any occasion!

The foil on these papers are hand crushed in our wonderful factory in India. They screen print the glue onto the paper, place the sheet of foil on top and then feed the paper through a roller. After this they peel off the sheet of foil, leaving behind the beautiful crushed foil pattern! Such a simple technique, yet so effective!

Check out all our colours of Crush here: https://www.lovevivid.com/gotta-crush-121-c.asp

From Reds and Greens for Christmas, to Pinks and Purple for Summer Birthdays, Golds and Silvers for Weddings and Blues and Turquoises for Everyday Gifting… we have a colour ready for any occasion!

Keep going… you’re Crushin’ it!

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December Colour Of The Month… LONDON RED!

Our colour of the month for December is of course… London Red! This is the shade of red that features most in our Autumn/Winter Collection, adding some style to Christmas!

The primary colour represents fire and blood, energy and strength, war and danger, power and determination! Red is the strongest colour, relating to passion, desire and love, it is a very emotionally intense colour.

In London you see red everywhere you look… from buses to post boxes to fire engines, Red is definitely the colour you think of when you think of London!

Red may be common in London, but it is also very popular in all countries. Having different meaning everywhere you go, red is a vibrant, intense, sexy and festive colour! In India all brides wear red to signify the hope of a fertile marriage, whereas in Madagascar it is worn as burial clothing. Egyptians consider themselves a ‘red race’ so they paint their bodies red to draw attention to this. In Rome, red is worn as a colour of protection, similar to Japan who dress in red to expel demons and illness… it’s their symbol for life. China see red as a revitalising colour of good luck, happiness and is encountered in marriages.

The colour of your life, your blood and your heart. Representing strength and creating life, red is the colour of love, passion and romance. 

A painted red door to your home traditionally means welcome and announces that your house has been paid for.

December top tips for London Red:

Try not to blush – Wear a Poppy with pride – Support the Red Cross – Enjoy a bowl a deep red Cherries – Light a Bonfire – Look after your Heart – Sing ‘Red Red Wine’ on Karaoke – Wear red to a wedding – Pout your Red Lips – Watch a show on the theatres red seats – Caught red handed – Grow your own tomatoes – Listen out for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve – Let a Fox family roam your garden – Binge Red Dwarf – Make a call in a phone box – Enjoy some Strawberries & Cream at Wimbledon – Post a letter – Enjoy the Sunset – Watch the Autumn leaves fall – Lets all live on Mars – Light a Chinese Lantern – STOP at the sign – Befriend a Red Setter, the loyal companion – Pour yourself a glass of Red

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Vivid’s Christmas Top 10!

Are you in need of some Christmas inspiration? Don’t worry, we have created a top ten full of all sorts of goodies, from stockings and Christmas Eve boxes to best selling designs and products! Let us know what your favourite is!

10. Starting at number 10, we have chosen this wonderful Santa Sack (Special Delivery). This 100% natural jute sack is perfect for bulk deliveries this Christmas! Screen printed with red and black ink, this sack is perfect for delivering to family and friends.


9. Coming in at number 9 is our gorgeous Tree Skirts! Perfect for dressing your tree this year (real or fake!). Go traditional with our Thistle Tree Skirt or buy a co-ordinating collection with our Nutcracker Tree Skirt, also available a matching Stocking & Gift Packaging Range.


8. Our brand new Crushed Foil Folding Boxes are great for gifting this year! Coming flat packed with matching tissue paper and a gift tag, these boxes make for super easy gifting! Available in Red, Silver and Gold... we have one for every occasion!


7. In at number 7 is one of our favourite designs… coming back year after year as being our best seller, we’d like to introduce our Mermaid Collection! Currently available in Flat Sheet Wrapping Paper, S/M/L Gift Bags, Gift Tag and our gorgeous Sequin Stocking!


6. New this year, our Christmas Tree Design is perfect for festive gifting! Screen printed with three shades of green, gold metallic ink and a sprinkle of gold glitter, it certainly feels luxurious! Available in Flat Sheet Wrapping Paper, S/M/L Gift Bags, Nest of Boxes and Gift Tags.


5. Our Nutcracker Collection is gorgeous, full of character and perfect for the little ones! Currently available in Flat Sheet Wrapping Paper, S/M/L Gift Bags, XL Gift Bag, Nest of Boxes and Gift Tags! You can also get this design in a matching Tree Skirt, Stockings and Christmas Eve Boxes… so you can definitely have a co-ordinating Christmas!


4. Linking straight from number 5… we have chosen our Nutcracker Stockings! Including two different styles, our Ballerina Stocking and our Soldier Stocking… these are both perfect to fill full of goodies for the little ones this year.


3. And finally we’re into our top three!! Beginning with something that is definitely going to make your Christmas Sparkle… Glitter Nest Boxes!! And aren’t they gorgeous! Bringing colour, glitter and shine into your Christmas Day… and perfect for reusing as storage after they’ve been gifted!


2. We’re getting closer to our top pick… but first, second on our top 10 is something that will help to make the whole of December extra special! It is a fill-your-own Advent Calendar! Designed with our Frosty Friends theme, this calendar is perfect for the countdown to the big day! Fill with all your loved ones favourite things to make it extra special and personal.


1. Our Top Pick this year is a brand new product that is the perfect buy for making Christmas extra special… Christmas Eve Boxes! These fill-your-own boxes are perfect for making Christmas Eve even more exciting, and a way your little ones can open a present early and feel special! We have two designs, our Frosty Friends Xmas Eve Box or our Nutcracker Xmas Eve Box! Fill it with all their favourite goodies… we suggest Christmas Pyjamas, a DVD, some Popcorn and of course their favourite Hot Chocolate!

Like the look of our Top Ten?? Head on over to lovevivid.com to discover even more goodies to make your Christmas extra special!

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We are thrilled to announce that our Cotton Paper Products have been approved by the Global Recycling Standard and will now proudly carry this International mark of achievement, giving confidence to consumers who are actively seeking environmentally responsible products.

The Global Recycling Standard (GRS) certifies the recycled content of each product, it’s chain of custody and the environmental and social manufacturing conditions.

So, let’s tell you a little bit more about how we make our recycled cotton paper products…

Our recycled cotton papers are handmade using the ‘off cuts’ of cotton from the textile trade. It takes two skilled workers a day to hand make 500 sheets of paper. Using water based dyes we can match to any Pantone shade, enabling us to achieve our Vivid base paper colours. Once made, we hang each sheet out in warm Indian sunshine to dry! 

We filter, treat and re-use all water within the factory, harvesting rainwater for future use.

Mixing water-based inks by hand, we screen print all our surface designs with vibrant colours. Our inks sit on top of the paper instead of bleeding into the paper, which gives our designs texture & creates our signature Vivid colour POP!

We use this recycled cotton paper to make our gift wrapping papers, gift bags & gift boxes within all our seasonal collections and we offer a bespoke design service to our larger Customers.

We are proud to say that all our paper products are made in the same factory in Jaipur, India. Over 10 years of partnership has grown our India team to a skilful workforce of over 1000 people, bringing training, employment & social support to their families.

If you would like to know more about us and explore our Vivid products please take a look at our website… (www.lovevivid.com)  Or contact us as contact@vividwrap.com

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