November Colour Of The Month… FESTIVE GREEN!

November is here… and our colour of the month (of course) is Festive Green!! Since we’re getting ready for Christmas here at Vivid HQ, we thought it was only fitting…

Green is closely related to the old English verb ‘Growan’, meaning ‘To Grow’. It unites us with it’s tie to nature… it is the most common natural colour and the colour that we see most in everyday life. From trees to the sea, green is everywhere we look! Due to this, Green is now the colour that is most sensitive to the Human Eye.

Currently associated with Environmental issues and being Eco-Friendly… Go Green! * Turn off the lights, avoid single use plastic, sweep – don’t hoover, recycle, buy a bag for life, shop local, walk or catch a bus, unplug that charger, use public transport, reuse!! *

Being the colour of Ireland, it represents the vast green hillsides… as well as being the colour for their patron saint, St. Patrick. In Japan, green is regarded as the colour of eternal life; whereas in China, green jade stones represent virtue and beauty. Portugal see green as the colour of hope because of its link with spring, and Scotland used to wear green as a mark of honour.

Green is one of the key colours of the Christmas season! Used in decorating; this originated from displaying Holly, Ivy and Mistletoe in homes to decorate and brighten up rooms, as well as to be used as a reminder that spring would come, and that winter wouldn’t last forever!

Of course though, the main reason we think of Green for Christmas is because of our gorgeous Christmas Trees! Otherwise known as Evergreen Fir Trees, they were originally hung upside down from the ceiling using chains to represent chandeliers!

This year there is a huge campaign about how real trees are better than fake, plastic ones! Did you know to get rid of fake plastic trees they have to burn them and melt the plastic, which then never fully bio-degrades… whereas a real Christmas tree bio-degrades naturally and quickly! Also, if you don’t want to just waste the tree, why not donate it to your local Zoo or Animal Sanctuary… the animals will be forever grateful as they eat them as a delicious Christmas snack! You aren’t the only one who wants that yummy Christmas dinner this year…

November Top Tips for Festive Green:

The grass is always greener – Top the Tree with a bright shining Star – Go Green, give up plastic – Grow your own Herbs in your lovely Green Garden – Pick your home-grown Vegetables – Mix blue and yellow paint and see what you get – Listen to Tom Jones, The Green Green Grass of Home – Shell some Peas – Visit Ireland – Remember, you have to kiss a few Frogs… – Decorate the Christmas Tree with Colourful Lights and Tinsel – Squeeze a lime into your Mojito – Plant a Tree – Gently fry Asparagus with garlic – Make a wish with a Four Leaf Clover – Drink Peppermint Tea in Morocco – Respect Nature and Recycle!

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October Colour Of The Month… COPPER & ORANGE!

It’s October!! And this month we are treating you with two colours… we just couldn’t decide which one we loved more!

Let’s start with Copper

First recorded as a colour in England in 1594, this beautiful reddish brown colour resembles the metal, Copper. It is metallic yet warm and radiant.

Perfectly paired with shades of green, such as jade and teal… this colour combination is popular within bathroom and kitchen designs, including Copper kitchenware!

Copper piping isn’t only used for the obvious… it is extremely popular within modern industrial décor. Being used to create shelving, sinks, bed frames and much more. It is also often displayed with indoor plants being a glorious and rich pot, which looks great in any room.

The first recorded use of the name Orange was in 1512. Being a blend of red and yellow it is a warm, joyful and enthusiastic colour! The calm yellow mellows down the furious red, creating the perfect flamboyant in-between!

Being the colour of two different seasons… Orange could provide the sensation of heat and a hot summer. Often found in fresh fruit, it is associated with Vitamin C.

Pairing Orange with any colour creates a completely different feeling. For example; Orange and Blue are complimentary colours and feel like summer, sun and fresh water. Orange and Yellow resemble heat and fire. And Orange and Green are associated with adventure and tropical destinations!

Orange can also be a much more festive colour, resembling autumn, harvest and Halloween. It is the colour of autumn leaves and pumpkins – vibrant and organic.

Often used in restaurants, Orange stimulates appetite. It is also the national colour of The Netherlands.

Cloth was traditionally dyed Orange using Saffron. Often worn in places such as India, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Laos for religious reasons.

October Top Tips for Orange & Copper:

Sink your lips into a juicy Orange – Visit the Orange country – Cook in a Copper saucepan – Dress scary for Halloween – Paint an accent wall Copper – Squeeze some fresh Orange juice straight into a glass – Light a bonfire and watch the flames – Make a bookshelf with Copper Pipe – Smell some Orange blossom – Dye your hair Ginger – Read a vintage Penguin book – Hang up your Orange coat with your Copper coat hanger – Visit a Buddhist Temple – Swim with Goldfish – Pop your Copper Kettle on the stove – Eat some Marmalade with Paddington Bear – Paint the Sunset

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Anniversary Inspiration…

Check out what Sue has done with our fabulous Pink Little Treat Wrap! Including our ‘You are Loved’ Gift topper… she has created a masterpiece!

She said: “it’s our coral wedding anniversary this coming Sunday, so this pink Little Treat range was perfect for me to gift wrap my coral-themed gifts to my husband of 35 years. I’ve added some coral confetti, a piece of silicone ‘coral’ and some coral printed serviettes”

We love seeing what you’ve done with our wrap/tags/toppers and more! Please send us in all your wonderful designs to feature on our blog!

Remember… Dress your gift, don’t hide it.

‘You are loved’ Gift Topper

Pink Gift Wrap Little Treat

Pink XL Bag Little Treat

Pink Bag Little Treat

September Colour Of The Month… ROYAL BLUE

Our colour of the month this September is Royal Blue…

Blue is the world’s most popular colour! We think this is because it reminds people of the colour of the sky on a clear day… or the colour of a calming deep blue sea. It represents freedom, imagination, inspiration and sensitivity!

Meaning something different in each country, blue is traditionally associated with sadness. The term ‘Feeling Blue’ has more than one origin, one myth is that it is believed that in Greek Mythology the God Zeus would make it rain when he was sad, and create a storm when he was angry… hence he was ‘Feeling Blue’. Another myth is it comes from old deepwater sailing ships. When a ship lost its captain or one of its many officers during voyage, the ship would fly a blue flag and return home with a blue band painted around its hull.

In the Islamic Islands blue is regarded as a magical colour, often bringing misfortune or happiness. In China blue is traditionally associated with torment and in Turkey/Central Asia it is often the colour of mourning.

Blue is very important for the Judaism religion, being the colour of Hanukkah. This is because of the colours of the Israel Flag. It is also associated with the festival of lights and the Bible tells Jews to include a thread of blue in their prayer shawls.

In England blue is known as an honest, hard-working and easy-to-wear colour. Business men traditionally wear blue shirts with their suits to portray the feeling of credibility and professionalism. It also means truth, healing, tranquility, faith, peace, harmony, calm, trust, security and protection. We believe it brings loyalty, purity and power!

September Top Tips for Royal Blue:

Feeling Blue… – Lie back and watch the clear blue sky – Listen to the sound of the deep blue sea crashing against the rocks – Collect blue and white china – Help someone who is feeling blue to laugh – Take time out to listen to some ‘Blues’ – Share the Rock’n’Roll song ‘Blue Monday’ via Bluetooth – Blue (Da Ba Dee) – Study Picasso’s Blue Period – Wake up to the sound of a Bluebird singing – Pull on your favourite blue jeans – Munch on some juicy blueberries – Jive to Elvis’s ‘Blue Suede Shoes’

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August Colour Of The Month… RASPBERRY

Raspberry is our colour on the month this August! This wonderfully deep pink fruit is the colour of Summer and began to be cultivated in England and France in the 1600’s.  Did you know that Raspberries contain more vitamin C than oranges and there are over 200 varieties!

The first recorded use of this summery, bright and cheerful colour was in England in 1892. Shades of Raspberry include; French Raspberry, Raspberry Rose, Dark Raspberry and Raspberry Glace.

In many cultures, the blood red hue of Raspberry is known as the colour for heroes. power, evoking passion, energy and health! In China Raspberry is known for good fortune, & in India it is known as a colour for happy marriages! Not to be confused with “Blowing a Raspberry “, which takes its name from early Cockney Rhyming slang – Raspberry Tart .. Blowing a F*rt!

August Top Tips for Raspberry:

Enjoy a bowl of fresh sharp Raspberries – Bake a bright pink raspberry cake –Whizz up a Raspberry smoothie – Fill a vase with Raspberry flowers – Listen to Prince’s Raspberry Beret – Fix a Raspberry Pi – Paint your nails Raspberry – Blow a Raspberry!!

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July Colour Of The Month… MINT

Our colour of the month for July is Mint! First recorded as a colour in 1920 and named after the shade of breath mints.

Mint was popular in 1950’s art deco, usually paired with white or black as an outline to frame and pop the colour! It was also huge in clothing and on classic cars, such as the Volkswagen Beetle. People now add a splash of Mint to their interiors to add a retro feel.

This fresh and icy colour has been strikingly used in our ‘Splish Splash’ range this year. Similar to the shade of the ocean and swimming pools; it’s a summery colour with freshness to it, making you feel tranquil and calm. 

Perfectly paired with Rose, or a pastel pink, makes it easy to create complimentary fashion, interiors, artwork and more.

July Top Tips for Mint:

Throw some fresh Mint into a cocktail – Freshen your Breath with a Peppermint – Go Moroccan with some Mint Tea – Munch on an After Eight Mint – Wear a bright Minty shirt – Swim in the Sea – Play some BadMINTon – Drive a Retro VW Beetle

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Autumn Winter Top Ten…

We have lots of goodies to tempt you with this Christmas! Our products are handmade using recycled materials, we comine artisan craftsmandship with our love of colour and passion for design. This year we bring together a very special festive collection, however a little Vivid Wrap Luxury doesn’t have to cost the earth! Look out for our Top Ten…


Trend into Autumn Winter 2019…

Take a peak at next seasons trends and styles….


Wander through Frosty Forest and meet Tinsel the fox, Twinkle the Owl, Sparkle the Bird, Jolly the Snowman and Jingle the Penguin….


This colourful collection will excite and delight little ones this Christmas! From Advent Treating to Christmas Eve Goodie Boxes, Frosty Friends have it all ‘Wrapped Up’! We LOVE the plush toppers… but who doesn’t love a pom pom?!


Festive Forest… Fern… Moss… brush stroke greens, emerald foils and lime glitters combine to create a magical palette for the Holiday Season. There’s Christmas tree gift boxes, folding gift boxes (the ultimate in ‘effortless gift wrapping’!) twisted twines, notecards and delicate toppers… Oh ‘Joy to the World’ indeed!



Christmas isn’t Christmas without a bit of red. This years collection has elegant designs inspired by William Morris with a contemporary twist, in shades of winter red and a large splash of gold! Look our for our new hand drawn Poinsettia Collection… simply gorgeous!


Twinkle and Shine with our fun and funky Disco Collection this Christmas! Glitz, glitter, sparkle and shimmer, combine with rainbow brights, to bring this festive party trend to life! Grab your dancing shoes and do your thing!…



Autumn Winter 2019 Collection Launch!..

Yes! It’s here!

Forget about putting on those shorts and step into Christmas instead! If only for just a moment… Our Autumn Winter 2019 Collection is here!

We have so much to tempt you with this next season… exciting Advent Calendars for the run up to the big day, gorgeous Folding Gift Boxes – the ultimate to effortless gift wrapping!! Glamourous Triangle Boxes for those precious goodies and new Christmas Eve Boxes – can you imagine the little ones eyes lighting up when they see those?! And of course we have so many new vibrant designs all in colour palettes which are designed to work together and be enjoyed by all. Take a look for yourself…


Go Gorgeously Green this Christmas…


Create a sophisticated palette for this years Seasonal Gifting!! Our green collection will set your gifts standing out amounst all the others under the tree! Take a look at our Glittered Leaf, with a lime glitter twist, there’s glittered Dragonfly wrapping paper with co-ordinating gift tags and toppers, our Lotus print comes in a gorgeous luxiourious shimmery green too!

Happy wrapping this Christmas!